Bee Kavach CRM

Overview Of Investment Industry

Financial Services CRM enables financial services firms to unify the customer experience across channels, geographies, and both consumer and commercial lines of business.

Connect everything around the customer

Increase In Sales Growth

Automated Management

Why CRM is important in investment industry

CRM system is much more than a digital contact list. Implemented properly, the tools and data in a financial services solution can facilitate complex business plans that increase revenue and competitive performance.

360-Degree View

Have accurate and up-to-date information about the products used by your clients, their incomes, debts, loans, credit scores and other details.

Contact Management

It Provides the searchable database of stored client contact information.

Lead Management

It provide acquisition and funneling tools.

Marketing Management

It personalize marketing message campaigns towards the most suitable segments.

Sales Automation

It provide each and every detail of your client to sales team.

Reports management

You can generate and create reports that evaluate performance and productivity.

Sales Automation

It provide everything to your sales team.

Integration Capabilities

Look for a CRM offering third-party integration with your company’s desired solutions.

Workflow Automation

It assign automatically next task once previous task completed.

Customer Management

It helps in improve customer task.

Contact, Lead, Sales, Support, Marketing and many more..

Bank, Finance Companies and other bussiness in the insurance industry need lead acquistion.

 Bee Kavach provides better contact management, marketing management, slaes automation, good growth in Investment Industry & build a strong between you, client and as well as your team.