Powerful Bee Kavach

Bee Kavach Retail Edition

Manage retails with Powerful Bee Kavach

It is easy to manage efficiently your retails with powerful & quick Bee Kavach CRM tool so that you can optimize your time to monitor your enterprise. 

Keeps records handy for quick access

Roll based multi user access management

Manage vendors & customers at one place

Bee Kavach Special

Bee Kavach features we provide

Look the great features of Bee Kavach CRM for Retails and find in depth specification lookup for better management of your retail enterprise

Vendor Management

Managing vendors and their serives is easy with Bee Kavach CRM along with billing and payments

Inventory Management

Keep away physical records with Bee Kavach CRM and manage your inventory easily with Bee Kavach

Order Management

Easily manage orders of clients with all history and tracks of goods & services, payments dues

User Management

Bee Kavach CRM gives flexibility to create multi user multi level access features to manage access


Keep clients updated with latest information about their servicesBee Kavach CRM tool

Pre Sale Management

Manage your leads, campaigns, sales quotations, estimates with powerful Bee Kavach CRM

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