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Transportation Bee Kavach

Enhance Your Transportation Business With Bee Kavach

Accept the Bee Kavach CRM to increase the efficiency of tranportation with Bee Kavach CRM.

Manage the database of your client.

Clients can generate tickets of issues

Increase the sale of your business.


Transportation Bee Kavach Features

Start Exploring the outstanding features of the Bee Kavach CRM specially designed for Transportation services for better client management and issue resolution. 


Service Management

Manage multiple services offered by you along with seperate modules in Bee Kavach CRM

Team Management

Manage your team with hierarchy and user role based feature for effective service delivery

Support Management

It Provides you ticket servicebased support resolution along with history lookup of issue of clients

Cleint Management

Manage the BPO clients along with 360 degree view of clinets for effective delivery with Bee Kavach

Cyber Security

Handle all client communications at one place easily and effectively with Bee Kavach CRM interface

Data Access

Improvised data accessibility is key feature of Bee Kavach CRM designated for BPO industry

Billing Management

You can easily manage and access your all client bill record with Bee Kavach CRM.

Cloud Based CRM

Easy access of CRM with cloud hosted solution of Bee Kavach.

Manage Vendors

Smoothly add and manage your vendors with Bee Kavach.

Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing campaigns with Bee Kavach


Sales , Leads, Inventory, Ticket Support, Quotes and many more....

CRM software helps benefit business profitability focusing on timely updating customer information and fast order processing. 

Bee Kavach CRM is very beneficial for Transportation and travel agencies.It Helps to target clients with the right offer at the right time.